Logan Callen

A data analyst with a passion for helping the environment, community outreach, and the creation of a variety of digital media.

Logan Callen is an Energy Procurement and Advanced Analytics Manager who manages over $50 million dollars of energy purchasing spend for Fortune 1000 clients at Ecova, an energy and sustainability company. Logan shows an unwavering dedication to achieving significant results for his clients while acting as a trusted advisor. Logan has a passion for science, logic, and critical thinking. He strives for excellence and integrity in all that he does, and enjoys educating, innovating, and developing procedural solutions that embody best practices and the optimal solution. His varied skill sets make him a valuable asset to any team, with skills in communication and reporting, data and analytics, as well as developing business process solutions. He not only provides ongoing advanced analysis, but helps bridge communications gaps, including writing articles for internal and external newsletters and websites as well. His strong background in scientific research coupled with experience performing on stage allows him to provide detailed complex analyses that can easily be tailored and delivered to engage any audience.

Logan is highly sought after when complex projects or difficult tasks arise. His diverse background and intense passion for knowledge allow him to learn new things at lightning speeds. His record of excellence ensures that he is a valuable asset in creating the best practices solution to any issue. Logan's positive can-do attitude helps inspire others around him as well. He provides mentorship to a variety of coworkers and people in the community that stems from his principles of positivity and continual growth.

In his free time, Logan is a co-founder of the Spokane Skeptics' Society, a local community group that promotes the advancement of critical thinking skills and the application of logic. He has also been involved in hundreds of hours of volunteer work, with activities ranging from research mentoring, science and mathematics tutoring, and a variety of environmental conservation efforts including tree planting, habitat restoration, and forest inventory. Logan enjoys applying his passions to help protect the environment, and help those in need.

Logan currently resides in Spokane Washington with his Wife and two cats, and can be found hiking along the local rivers and forests in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Logan and Christelle Callen

Skills and Experience

Microsoft Office

Data and Reporting

Logan is well versed in MS Office products including advanced Excel and Visual Basic macro writing. Easily able to learn new software systems quickly. He has built a variety of data trackers, budget calculators, analytic reports, and PowerPoint presentations on a daily basis for over 6 years.


Communications and Engagement

Logan is a Leader in Ecova's internal corporate sustainability group and focuses on data & analytic reporting at a corporate level, as well as communications and engagement at the office level. He is comfortable talking with C-Level management, or large audiences, and translating complex information into understandable components for diverse audiences regularly.

Research and Analysis

Having worked in an atmospheric research lab and in the field, Logan's background has focused on rigorous process control and data integrity. He applies these skills to a variety of issues including analysing risks to clients' energy portfolios. He also enjoys developing consumer reports and quality assurance testing.

Projects and Creations

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